What is Pon De Flo?

Pon De FLO is a non-verbal cuing, Caribbean Reggae dance-based fitness program structured around HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This program incorporates high energy, easy to follow dance choreography, intense body strengthening moves and motivation to meet and push your physical limits. Pon De FLO is for everyone of all ages, fitness and dance abilities. This program is both body empowerment and a form of freedom! It is so insanely fun and high energy that you don't realize how much of a workout you're actually getting until you see the physical & mental results! Pon De FLO is more than an intense workout –it’s a lifestyle!

Our Mission

 Our mission is to make a positive impact within this world and to inspire others to do the same through One Love. 

COME CATCH DE VIBES and join the Pon De FLO movement! 


It's Intense

Pon De FLO is structured around High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You will be going in for BURPEES, LUNGES, PUSH-UPS, KNEE TUCKS, SQUATS, HAMSTRING CURLS, and much, much more!


It's Innovative

Pon De FLO is more than just a kick-ass workout - it's a lifestyle! You will constantly be challenging yourself with each Pon De FLO class that you take. Participants will leave feeling stronger and more empowered, thus creating a stronger self-love.


It's Fun

Let the energy of the music & choreography release all self-inflicted boundaries we create for ourselves & just 'FLO' with de riddims. Because the choreography repeats within every song, it allows individuals to stop thinking so much, to just FLO with the music, work even harder and obtain maximum results!

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Pon De FLO is both body empowerment as well as a form of freedom...COME CATCH DE VIBES, COME GET PON DE FLO!


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Are you ready to push limits? Are you ready to be challenged? Are you ready to be the best possible YOU?! GREAT, WE THOUGHT SO...

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