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Pon De FLO

Our signature program, Pon De FLO, is reinventing dance fitness. Wait until you experience this high energy dance based HIIT class in an atmosphere filled with good vibes on HIGH! Expect to burn up to 1100 calories in a 50-minute class. With easy to follow dance choreography & calisthenics, you can't help but smile bigger, push physical & mental limits while feeling empowered to break out of your comfort zone. This is what we call WARRIOR training. LET'S DO THIS!


This ass kicking workout will shred fat, sculpt muscle and build you strong from the inside out.  Choose from a variety of SHRED classes that will focus on different muscle groups. Build yourself strong by fatiguing and breaking down your muscles using light weights and high reps. Sound hard? Well, what doesn't challenge you doesn't change you! Don't worry, this program has a KILLA soundtrack with an instructor that will inspire and cater to your abilities. BEAST MODE ON!


Do you incorporate self-care into your workout regime? You only have one body - treat it right! Often times we just want to sweat but lack proper recovery. With this self-myofascial release program, you will release tension, reduce risk of injury, cure muscle imbalances and firm up skin appearance. Don't wait any longer to fine tune your bod! FLO-ROLLIN incorporates a foam roller, massage balls and combines core strengthening movements to have you functioning at your best.  We make foam rolling bearable - cursing is highly encouraged! 


Can't join us in person but still want in on the action? You can now get Pon De FLO from anywhere in the world, at anytime through our Pon De FLO Fitness & Lifestyle Channel on Patreon. We bring you an ever-expanding video library of fitness videos, including all of our signature programs, live streaming and so much more! All designed for you to push your limits and build a better you! 

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