Pon De FLO Studio
is a Caribbean, Reggae & Dub influenced fitness studio in New York City offering three different fitness formats. You can now get your dance-based HIIT classes, strength & resistance AND foam rolling classes in one hidden paradise.

More than just a fitness studio...

Our mission is to spread one love into this world through fitness  & an empowering lifestyle.

The essence

The essence of this studio is to not only become a better, stronger version of yourself, but to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. We encourage pushing limits and breaking boundaries through high energy and good vibes. Within a class at Pon De FLO Studio, you will be presented with several challenges. These challenges will present you the opportunity to break out of your comfort zone. When the moment arises where you need to push past your comfort zone: Are you going to rise up & keep pushing or quit?  The environment within a class is so motivational and encouraging, you will want to continue pushing.

The programs

The programs are for everyone of all ages and fitness abilities.  Each workout is so insanely fun and high energy that you don't realize how much of a workout you're actually getting until the end. "No thinking" is highly encouraged, just let go and FLO with it. The classes will leave you feeling empowered, accomplished, uplifted and stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. As time goes on, these feelings create self acceptance, self love and confidence. When you truly love and accept yourself, then and only then are you able to radiate love onto others and help become a positive change within this world. Come Catch De Vibes® and help this world become a better place by helping yourself through fitness.

It's Intense

From High Intensity Interval Training to Strength & Resistance to muscle massage, you will be getting an intense full body workout and proper recovery to maximize your results.

It's Innovative

More than just a kick-ass workout, it's a lifestyle! You will constantly be challenging yourself with each class that you take. Participants will leave feeling stronger and more empowered, thus creating a stronger self-love.

It's Fun

The high energy music, motivational atmosphere & good vibes from the moment you walk in, allow you to feel comfortable within your own skin and just let loose!